Warehousing Services

Warehouse services are associated with the chain of logistics, and this generally deals with the storage of goods and is supplied later. We at packers and movers provide expert warehouse services by our expert team of warehouse management people. We have a special team of dedicated people who are constantly involved in providing services that are related to the warehouse. Any goods a customer wants to store for a long period of time, we provide special warehouse services. Our customer service team works day and night to deliver the best warehouse services available in the country. We also provide 24/7 support to our customers regarding the warehouse services.

Goods and material of different types can be stored in the warehouse of us by our esteemed customers and clients. They can request us for the amount of the material that needs to be stored on our social media platforms as well as through our numbers mentioned on our website. One member will be assigned to the customer to deal with his warehouse requirements. Any complaints by the customer will be entertained in a span of 24-48 hours. He will provide with the complaint number and dedicated complaint person who will work on his complaint. Any delays in resolving the issue will be dealt with seriously. Someone from senior management will also get into the matter and will help the customer to resolve the issue.

We are functioning as ISO approved packers and movers have special status and credentials in providing warehouse services. Companies and clients from different cities have made us their partners in warehouse services, and we have stored their materials and goods over a span of 1 year. We have always tried to satisfy our customers to the fullest. Their material is kept safe in the warehouse and is also prevented from any sort of damage that may occur due to pests and other harmful material.

The company deeply recovers any damage that may occur to the material. We have an association with insurance partners which are ready to provide our customers with the required claim amount as per the report generated by the team.